Recital Guide: Tips and Tricks for First Time Dance Parents

Our favorite event of the year is just around the corner – it’s Recital time! From the stage lights to the sparkly costumes, we are thrilled to be celebrating our Music in Motion dancers on Sunday, June 6th at the Hackney Theater Norfolk Collegiate. Our dancers and faculty have been training all year long for this big day, so in preparation for our festivities, we’ve created this fun guide for first-time dance parents (always helpful information for returning dance parents).

The Benefits of Recital

Our spring recital takes months of planning as we pore over countless details from costumes to safety protocols. We put so much effort into the recital planning process to create a magical experience for you and your child. Having the opportunity to share their hard work and progress is a milestone that needs to be celebrated. Performing on a big stage in front of family and friends is confidence-building and life-changing!

Recital Hub

Head to our one-stop-shop for ALL your recital needs and questions with our Recital Hub. You’ll find all details, arrival times, dates, sign-up sheets and more so you can be in the right place, at the right time with minimal stress!

Costume Care

Students will be taking their costumes home after spring break! It’s super important our dance families take extra special care of their costumes so their dancers look FABULOUS at Recital. Your kiddo would be devastated to be performing with a ripped costume or missing headpiece! Check out our last blog post, where we take a deep dive into costumes and answer all your questions.

Your Recital packing list

Now is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what you have and what you need for the big day. Have your child try on their dance shoes, check your make-up and hair supplies, and start packing your performance bag. Students should arrive at the theater with make-up on, hair done, and tights on, but will still require touch-ups in preparation for the performance.

Your checklist:

  • All costumes and accessories

  • Undergarments (tights, nude leotards, bras, socks)

  • Dance shoes

  • Hair: hairspray, gel, bobby pins, bun pins, hairnets, hair ties

  • Make-up: foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick, brushes and sponges

  • Miscellaneous: safety pins, sewing kit, manicure scissors, nail clippers

  • If you have a small make-up mirror, that would be perfect!

  • Music in Motion always needs extra full-length mirrors and rolling hanging racks for costumes for backstage - if you have these items, let us know, we’ll be happy to borrow them!

 Snacks & Water

Dress rehearsal and performance days can be tiring! To keep our dancers energized and hydrated, we ask that you pack several healthy snacks with a bottle of water. Dried fruit and granola bars are great options, no nuts, please. As always, dancers should never eat in their costumes!

Secure your seat

With so much prepping and planning, don’t forget to buy your Recital tickets. Tickets go on sale May 14th at 10 am and can be purchased here! To ensure safety and proper distancing all families are limited to only TWO total tickets per show per family. We will be hosting a Ticket Wait List and a Ticket Trade List. If you desire MORE tickets than allowed, or if you DO NOT NEED both tickets allowed - please contact us at info@musicinmotionva so we can place you on our ticketing lists. Find out more information about tickets and pricing here!

Practice at home

Practicing Recital dances at home is great for your dancer’s memory and will help calm their nerves during performance time! Have a conversation with your kiddo about what it means to have butterflies in their stomach and how to keep dancing even if you forget a step or two. Head to our recital page where we’ve compiled videos to help your dancer practice their routines and feel confident for Recital.

Pre-show tips

  • Between dress rehearsal and show day, make sure to review your checklist and REPACK your bags.

  • In the dance world, being on time is actually being late. Because dancers need extra time to mentally and physically prepare, it’s always great to arrive early for all rehearsals and call times.

  • Use that extra time to purchase some flowers in the lobby as a beautiful surprise for your dancer. Giving flowers to performers is a tradition that is greatly appreciated and never goes out of style!

Capture the moment

No photography or videography is permitted during the show, but don’t worry, we have you covered. We have professional Videographers filming the entire performance! Concert Videos are included in your recital fee for all families and photography links will be emailed to families after the show. Sit back and enjoy watching your dancer perform their heart out. Save the snapshots for pre and post-show celebrations!

Keep the celebration going!

With all the excitement of performing in front of a live audience, treat your dancer to a post-show celebration! Take the family out for ice cream and enjoy some quality family time while your dancer relives every moment of the performance for you.

We want our dance families to feel prepared and stress-free leading up to Recital. By staying organized and on top of dates and deadlines, everything will be smooth sailing. Whether you’re a seasoned dance parent or this is your first Recital, everyone agrees that there’s nothing more special than seeing your little one on the big stage! Let’s make their experience as magical as possible for them and you!

P.S. Did you know that as a volunteer, you receive a free ticket to Recital? Help bring our show to life!