Your How-to Guide for Make-up, Hair, and All Things Recital

With costumes safely hanging in closets and Recital dances beginning to be polished, we’re counting down the days until SHOWTIME! We want our Music in Motion dancers to feel and look their best on their special day. Dancing on a big stage with bright lights shining down on your little one takes extra effort and attention to highlight their features. That’s why we’ve put together some important make-up and hair tutorials to help your dancer shine at Recital!

Make-up made easy!

EVERY dancer is required to wear make-up on stage no matter their age or gender. We’re not looking for Toddlers & Tiaras but we do need to be able to see your child on stage. Make-up application for Recital is very different from wearing make-up as an adult in everyday life. Though stage lights are captivating for our production, without make-up, it will be challenging to see any expression on your child’s face. This is why we’ve outlined make-up requirements per age level below:

Pre-schoolers: Make-up for this group is pink blush and eyeshadow, mascara (if they will let you!), and pink lipstick.

Middle / Elementary School Students: Make-up for this group is foundation, blush, grey or brown eyeshadow, mascara, and dark pink or red lipstick.

High School Students: Make up for this group is foundation, blush, grey or brown eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and dark pink or red lipstick.

If you need extra guidance, check out this excellent make-up tutorial. By no means do you need to go out and buy the most expensive make-up for your little one. Use what you have or find some inexpensive drugstore products.

Let’s talk about all things hair!

Performance-ready hair-dos are tight and slick! Having your dancer’s hair out of their face and securely fastened will help your dancer focus on performing. With nerves on high, your dancer doesn’t need any distractions so bring out ALL the hairspray and gel. No wispies in sight! We recommend multiple hairbands and bobby pins in the student’s hair color.

Pre-schoolers:  Hair will be in ponytails in the middle of the head for all classes other than Ballet. All ballet students will require a bun.

Middle / Elementary / High School Students: Hairstyles by class (bun for ballet) must be neatly slicked with gel and hairspray, no flyaway bits.

Hairpieces: Bows and cuffs are attached to the TOP of buns or ponytails. Clips and Appliques are attached on the RIGHT side of the head.

Want to learn how to create the perfect ballet bun? View this hair tutorial for some great styling tips! And for a simple slicked-back ponytail, you can use the same tutorial but stop short of twisting your dancer’s hair into a bun.

Stage ready from head to toe!

Unlike normal streetwear, dancers use tights as their undergarments (imagine “long underwear”). This means no underwear under your tights! If you do choose to put underwear on your dancer, please try it on with your costume prior to the concert. Ensure that it is skin-colored, and that there are no lines visible underneath the costume.

Wearing tights under a costume creates a smooth line, holds costume pieces in place, and provides modesty when changing backstage. Best of all, all students performing in Recital will receive a brand-new pair of concert tights with their costume per the requirements for each class they attend. Tights should NOT be used until Dress Rehearsal and Recital Nights. But don’t worry, students will get a lot of use out of them the entire next season of classes!

From head to toe, we want your dancer to feel their best so they can step on that stage ready to perform. Be sure to have your child try on their dance shoes to make sure they haven’t outgrown or worn a hole in them. If you’re in need of a replacement, head to our MIM Online Store to place your order. Uncomfortable footwear makes for painful dancing! Use this class list to help your child get started on the right foot for Recital:

Tights & Shoes Class List

Ballet: Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes. Please Clean.
“Ballet Pink” Convertible Tights – provided in costume bag.

Tumble/Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Tap and Tap ½ Classes: Tan Buckle or Mary-Jane style tap shoes. No bows.

Level ¾ and Advanced Tap: Tan Oxford Style Tie-Up Shoes.
Tan Convertible or Stirrup Tights – provided in costume bag.

Jazz and Musical Theater: Tan slip-on leather jazz boots. Tan convertible or stirrup style tights – provided in costume bag.

 Modern:  Bare Feet for all. Tan Stirrup tights for Modern and Lyrical – provided in costume bag. No tights for Contemporary

 Acro: Bare feet for all. Tan Stirrup tights – provided in costume bag.

Hip-Hop - Move & Groove: White or mostly white-colored tennis shoes with Tan Stirrup tights and white socks.

Hip-Hop Level 1-5: Black Tennis Shoes, no tights needed. Black or Tan leotard recommended underneath pants to avoid pants falling and back showing.

We are here to help!

Learning how to do make-up and hair is difficult but your dance family has your back. If you don’t feel comfortable applying make-up and finishing hair, we will have student make-up artists set up at Music in Motion from 11 am to 1 pm for a fee of $10 to get your child Recital ready. Please note that your dancer must wear their hair properly with costumes for Dress Rehearsal on Saturday. Make-up is not required but it’s good practice.

Recital is always an exciting time of year, and we’re looking forward to making magical memories with your little one. They’ve been working so hard all year long, and we can’t wait to see them step on that stage to share their beautiful talents with you. If you have any questions, please refer to our Recital Hub which has every date and detail you might need for the BIG DAY. And most importantly, have fun preparing and getting your child ready. Recital should be stress-free, so soak up the sparkles and have a blast!