Everything You Need to Know About Recital Costumes

Recital is our FAVORITE event of the year with a big stage, shining lights, and the most exciting of all, dance costumes! From sequins to fringe, we have a blast picking out costumes to match the theme of every dance piece. When stepping into a costume, our dancers are transformed into a new character, from a new decade, celebrating a new culture. Costumes become an extension of a dancer’s movement adding extra flow and grace. Not only do our dancers love the fun and glam, but costumes help provide extra courage and confidence when stepping on the big stage, like a cape for every superhero!

In our blog today, we are taking a deep dive into costumes: what you get, when you get them, how to take care of them, and more!

The Costume Timeline

  • Step 1: The process has already begun! Teachers have picked out costumes to go with their Recital dance, we measured your child in class, and ordered the appropriate size for your dancer.

  • Step 2: Signed, sealed, and finally delivered! Costumes arrive at the studio and our staff gets to work placing them in garment bags along with tights and all accessories needed for the recital dance.

  • Step 3: Dancers try on their costumes during class time to make sure no exchanges or alterations are necessary. (This process has started at the studio this month!) During this step, it's important to have your dancers wear leotards and tights or tight-fitting clothes, so they can easily try on their costumes over their dancewear.

  • Step 4: Special delivery! Students will take their costumes home after spring break. Make sure students and families take great care of their costumes until Recital. This means: no eating, playing outside, or getting messy in them until AFTER the big day. We always encourage students to hang their costumes up in the closet AWAY from any pets and/or siblings. Also, always keep all tights and accessories together in the garment bag!

  • Step 5: The most exciting step up all, look fabulous in your costume for rehearsal and the BIG DAY!

Questions About Your Costumes!

  • FAQ: What if my costume doesn't fit or needs repairs?

Contact the studio right away, and we will advise you on next steps. Always consult with someone from MIM before making changes on your own.

  • FAQ: What if my costume has wrinkles?

Before you pull out your iron, check with your teacher on how to best tackle wrinkles. Certain fabrics will ruin with traditional ironing and/or steaming. Always check with your teacher or the staff at MIM beforehand.

  • FAQ: What should I do with costumes after the recital?

This is the fun part! You can do whatever you like with them! Dance costumes make excellent dress-up clothes or Halloween costumes. Some families save costumes for memory boxes. Get creative!

So much time and energy is put into making your child’s big day spectacular! Please take special care of your costumes so your dancer looks their extra best while performing. All of our dancers are hard at work preparing for Recital, and we can’t wait to see each and every one of you shine on stage. Keep your costumes safe, and let us know if you have any questions!

Recital Costumes