How to Prepare for Your First Recital: The Ultimate Recital Guide

Whether you’re a first-time dance parent or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s always necessary to review what it takes to pull off the BEST RECITAL EVER! Our Music in Motion Recital is a special event that celebrates the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty, and families. It takes a village and we deeply appreciate all the time and energy put in by our community to get your kiddos on stage. Recital is a monumental celebration of your dancer’s growth and achievements throughout the year and the perfect opportunity to share their love for dance with their loved ones.

To prepare for the BIG DAY, we’ve created an online Recital Hub for your go-to Recital details throughout the year. Below, we’re sharing helpful tips to prepare your little one for SHOWTIME!

1. Read everything!

From handouts to monthly emails, the information we send home is imperative for you to read. We’re not trying to fill your inbox or waste paper, but we are trying to prepare your family with schedules and deadlines. We want your little one to take part in every event leading up to Recital to build up their confidence, celebrate their ongoing victories, and continue to motivate and encourage their hard work.

2. Take inventory!

Rather than scrambling last minute, take stock of what items you have and what items you’ll need for Recital:

    • Tights, socks, dance shoes

    • Hair: hairspray, bobby pins, bun pins, hairnets, hair ties

    • Make-up: foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lip liner, lipstick, brushes, and sponges

    • Miscellaneous: safety pins, sewing kit

Place your orders now and start creating your Recital kits today!

 3. Plan Ahead!

Whether you schedule your life in Google Calendar or keep a planner, be sure to make note of all upcoming MIM dates and deadlines. Head to our Recital Hub for an outline of the rest of the year’s schedule of events. Don’t forget to make all arrangements for child care if needed for the week and day of Recital. Now is the time to get planning!

4. Communicate!

We’ve spent a lot of time preparing schedules for you and have them readily available on our Recital Hub. If you foresee any conflicts, please reach out to our staff immediately. We’re here to help, but we need you to communicate. We know life happens to us all, but please make a concerted effort to reach out in a timely manner and we’ll create a plan of action together.

 5. Read everything!

Yes, we know this is in here twice but it really matters! From sign-up sheets to detailed schedules, we’ve gathered the most important information about Recital in our Recital Hub to get everyone organized and minimize stress. Please read all MIM emails, handouts, and Hub information to ensure your kiddo is in the right place at the right time so they can focus on being the best dancer they can be!

Recital is the culmination and celebration of your kiddo’s hard work and dedication to their training. Not only that, but your tiny dancers also have a BLAST sharing their dances with their family and friends. This is a big moment for our students and we want to set them up for success! Be sure to review our Recital Hub and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We can’t wait to see your dancers on stage!