Benefits of Dance in the Classroom

We are so unbelievably proud of our community for expertly following our prevention protocols as we’ve gradually re-opened the studio this summer. It’s been amazing to see the commitment to dance and our studio from our students and families. Together, we’ve kept each other safe!

As we begin to fully open our studio for classes this fall, we want to assure you that Music in Motion will always maintain a high standard of safety, communication, efficiency, and most importantly trust. We know this can be a very scary and emotional time for our students, and we will get through this together.

If you have questions about the necessity of in-person classes, this blog post is for you. To welcome our dance family home, we’re sharing all the amazing benefits of dance in the classroom!

  • Children need an outlet.

As parents, we’ve navigated this challenging time to the best of our abilities. From home-schooling, working from home, keeping our kiddos engaged and active – it’s a lot to juggle and it’s taken a toll on our little ones. Their world has been flipped upside down, and MIM is here to help. Dance is an amazing emotional outlet for children to release their frustrations and anxiety. When walking through those studio doors, your child can escape in movement and lose themselves in music. Imagination and creativity can soothe any heart!

  • Children need structure.

With the chaos of the last few months, attending dance class is not only an escape but a way to ease structure back into your child’s life. Not only is this necessary for your kiddo’s happiness but for your own sanity! ;] Regularly attended activities can bring focus and discipline back into your dancer’s routine. Dedicating themselves to a physical practice instills a strong work ethic, an ideal skill to have in navigating the challenging road ahead in education, work, and life.

  • Children need to be seen.

Our teachers at MIM provide excellent feedback and encourage corrections for individual growth. In-person classes give students the opportunity to excel from individual focus and attention. When you have teachers that truly KNOW you, they raise the bar for your training by encouraging your best self in every class. MIM is a special group of passionate educators encouraging expression, creativity, and confidence in every student.

  • Children need a community.

Dance class provides a safe and fun group environment for your little one to gain self-confidence and learn how to work together as a team. The studio is the perfect place to form meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. MIM is home to an amazing community of family-oriented, fun-loving dance families! Two generations of our family built a strong community in our studio and that warmth is felt the moment you walk through those studio doors.

Life will feel different when we fully return to the studio, but our commitment to our community is forever. There are countless benefits to in-person classes, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the studio for a new year full of exciting memories and fun friendships.

We are limiting class sizes this fall, so we recommend reserving your child’s spot TODAY. To register, please contact the studio and let us know what classes your child is interested in. If you register before August 1st, enjoy NO registration fee!

Welcome back to the studio, and we’ll see you in class!