How to Celebrate a Year of Dance at Music in Motion

What a year it has been!! Through all the obstacles and challenges our kiddos have been unwavering in their optimism and have continued to reach for and accomplish their goals. The end of this dance year marks our 35th season touching the lives of countless students that have gone on to do incredible things all over the country. After every Recital, we feel heartbreaking sadness as we wish our seniors farewell while simultaneously being filled with utter excitement and pride for all that our students have accomplished in a single year.

 At Music in Motion, we believe any opportunity for our children to learn, grow, and shine should be continually celebrated! Milestones need to be acknowledged and teaching our children to reflect allows us to slow down and appreciate all that we have done and who has been by our side for the ride. In this blog post, we’re going to share some activities to walk down memory lane and revisit this past year of dance at MIM.

Reflecting on our goals.

The end of a dance year is the perfect time to take note of all that our kiddos have accomplished. We strongly believe in setting goals with our dancers to help them not just become better technicians but to become better citizens. Sit down with your child and create a list of new skills they’ve learned in class, fears they’ve conquered, and lessons they’ve learned. This is a great opportunity for your dancer to learn how to self-evaluate and get excited about the future.

Picture perfect.

Do you ever miss the days of flipping through physical photo albums? Well here’s a fun idea, print out some dance photos captured throughout the year, and don’t forget to include your class photos and recital photos! Grab colorful paper, markers, and glue. Spend an afternoon with your dancer creating a scrapbook to reflect back on this year. Imagine creating one every year and being able to flip through the pages of your child’s dance journey.

Let the good times roll.

We love movie nights with the family but do you know what we love even more?! Being able to relive Recital with your dancer watching their MIM Recital video. Homeworks Productions, who captured our Recital this year, is in the process of creating a digital copy to send out to all our dance families. It truly is such a special moment to watch your child light up when seeing themselves on stage. Plus, we love hearing all the silly behind-the-scenes commentary! Don’t forget to snap a family pic and tag the studio!

If we had to use a single word to describe our feelings about this past year it would be gratitude. Seeing how our dance family rallied behind our studio with love, support, and full classes really showed us how important dance is to our students and community. We are forever grateful to have such a strong support system in our faculty and families, and we can’t wait to continue to make unforgettable memories at the studio with our dance family.