Recital Traditions: How to Create a Meaningful Weekend for Your Dancer!

Can you believe Recital is this week?! Our students have been hard at work all year long to prepare for this monumental occasion, and it’s FINALLY HERE! The amount of time and energy our dancers are pouring into this performance deserves to be celebrated. It takes an enormous amount of courage and confidence to perform on a big stage in front of all your friends and family. It’s no small feat and we’re unbelievably proud of their progress and soon-to-be performance!

To help make Recital as special as possible, we have some creative ideas to make lasting memories with your child. Recognize your dancer’s achievements this year with our list of family-friendly Recital traditions!

Memories you can hold!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well we think a picture can be a treasure trove of memories. To capture our students in all their talent and beauty, we held photo days back in May. As is Recital tradition, dancers struck a pose wearing their adorable costumes with their dance friends by their sides. Now you have the opportunity to frame these special moments and share these photos with your friends and family.

Backstage with our dance friends!

While parents are enjoying the action onstage, dancers are making unforgettable memories backstage! Countless Recital traditions are created with the ample amount of time between dance pieces. Your kiddo is making super fun memories with their dance besties in the dressing rooms which means don’t forget to pack activities and healthy snacks. We want to help keep everyone entertained and nourished!

Say it with flowers!

One of our favorite post Recital traditions is bringing flowers to your dancer! Seeing their faces light up with a big bouquet in their arms is heartwarming. After a long performance, this thoughtful gesture makes them feel like a superstar receiving flowers from their fans. Honor their special performance by ordering a beautiful bouquet for your dancer through MIM. When ordering your tickets, you’ll have the opportunity to place your flower order at checkout or contact the studio at to reserve one. They are $10 each and will also be available at the door until we run out of extras!

We all scream for ice cream!

Keep the celebration rolling by treating your dancer to a special meal out with the family post-performance. It’s tradition that after a very long day of dancing, your little performers should refuel their bodies and celebrate all their hard work with a yummy meal. Does your dancer have a sweet tooth? Head to your local ice cream shop for a scoop of something tasty. Your dancer deserves it!

Performing in Recital is a major accomplishment that teaches many important skills that will help your child throughout their life and career. Let’s recognize this moment and cherish their hard work! There are so many lovely traditions that help make Recital weekend special and meaningful for your dancer. We love the idea of creating new memories and traditions with you and yours! No matter how you decide to celebrate, we are thrilled to be heading into Recital weekend with the most amazing dancers and families! Good luck dancers, and see you on stage!