Back to the Future, Back to Dance!

Happy Fall! For all of us here at the studio, back-to-dance season is so much more than a new leotard and pair of shoes. It’s a restart and return to ALL the things we love the most: our students, dancing, and our amazing dance family.

For this year in particular, we are heading back to the future… a future with tons of dancing and NO COVID-19! We strive to make each and every year feel special for our dancers, and 2020 is no different!

A few weeks ago, we kicked off our 2020/2021 Dance Season and we are off to a GREAT start. With new safety precautions in place, this year’s return to dance is looking a little different. But don’t worry, masks and lysol are not the ONLY things we added to our 2020 revamp. We’ve got some fun in store too!

What to Expect at our 2020/2021 Dance Classes:

1) Fun Extras!

Have you heard about ALL the new additions we are making to our classes this year?! During our first week back at dance, we worked with our classes to set goals and create new initiatives and incentives.

From class photos, gem & sticker charts, and our special banana split club, our students have SO much to get excited about! We are even adding a monthly break-the-dress code class, because 2020 is the year of breaking the normal and embracing the crazy!

2) Personal Connection

In the year of virtual overload, this is something we can ALL use! When our dancers head to class each week, we can guarantee that they are building real, in-person relationships that go beyond a computer screen! 

It feels amazing to finally be able to greet our students as they enter our doors and wave goodbye as we send them back home. Watching as they interact with each other and build new friendships is EVEN better! From a distance, we are rebuilding our community one dance class at a time!

3) Moving and Grooving

Through all the ups and downs that 2020 has brought us, we are SO ready to dance it OUT! We’re feeling this eagerness from our students as well during their return to dance. Whether it’s accomplishing challenging skills or learning a new style, it feels GOOD to be dancing together!

Are you ready to head back to the future with us?! This year, we may have tons of masks, lysol, and hand sanitizer, but the smiles top it all! It’s not too late to join in on ALL the fun we’ve added to our 2020/2021 Dance Classes. View the schedule and register today!