Fall in Love With Dance

Fall is our FAVORITE time of year, not just because we love bundling up in sweaters and devouring all the yummy treats, but because the season makes us reflect on change. And let’s face it – everything has changed in our life! From school to schedules and everything in between, we’re making our new normal work. No matter what is thrown our way, some things will NEVER change and that’s our love for dance and our amazing dance family.

This month, we’re falling in love with dance all over again! We’re sharing all the ways you can bring more dance into your life and more movement into your homes. Whether you’re a seasoned dance parent or you have a kiddo who just loves to boogie, this FUN & FESTIVE list is sure to put a smile on your child’s face and a skip in their step!

Creative ways to bring dance into your life:

  • Try our Movement Cards

Nothing says spooky season like learning some wicked dance moves! From flying like a bat to walking through a spider web, your little monster will use their imagination to create movements based on our themed cards. You can also create your own cards at home for a fun family night you’ll never forget!

  • Create a dance playlist

We all have that one song, that when played, we can’t help but get up and DANCE! Whether you use Spotify or iTunes, create a playlist of your family’s FAVORITE songs to give everyone a moment in the spotlight. Bonus points: create a Halloween themed playlist for a scary good time!

  • Throw a virtual dance party

It’s safe to say, we’ve all become masters of Zoom and other video conference call platforms! Instead of scheduling another meeting, why not throw a virtual dance party for your kiddo and their friends. This is definitely where that dance playlist will come in handy. What a great way for your kids to socialize while showing off their monster moves!

  • Watch your favorite dance movie

Family movie nights are the BEST! There are so many amazing dance films that will have your kiddo on their feet throughout the film. You’ll even be surprised to learn that most Halloween movies for kids also have some pretty epic dance scenes. Here’s a list of family-friendly Halloween movies that won’t keep your kiddos up all night.

  • Register for our Parking Lot Pumpkin Bash

We’re throwing a safe and spooky gathering in our Music in Motion parking lot! Come see your friends, decorate some pumpkins, enjoy some yummy fall treats, and learn a spooky dance. Register online with the option of selecting a small or big pumpkin. We can’t wait to have a fang-tastic celebration with all our dance friends!

Dance is the perfect way to celebrate the season with our family and friends, and the beauty of dance is it can be done anywhere with anyone, so don’t be afraid to STAND UP AND DANCE OUT. Whether you’re dancing with us at the studio or at home with your family, we hope you keep moving all season long! And if you run out of dance ideas, you know just where to find us!