How and Why to Use Video for Dance

As your dancer’s recital and/or competitions are approaching, you might notice videos being sent your way to utilize for practice and notes. Even though so much learning takes place in the studio, utilizing videos outside of class and rehearsal can be extremely helpful. With video, dancers can hone their skills, learn choreography, and practice specific notes from their teachers.  In this blog post, we will go over a few tips on how and why to use video for dance.

In the last few years, we have grown to depend on video not only for meetings but for virtual classes, connecting with others, and many other activities that have been affected by recent events in our world. We have learned to adapt. But did you know that video has been an extremely important tool to dancers for many years? Today, it’s important to continue using this tool to make our performances the best they can be!

Video allows dancers to:

  • Learn, review, and practice choreography

  • Identify any mistakes or technical corrections

  • Watch and enjoy our dancing for many years to come!

In order to improve and achieve many skills in dance, dancers must not only take class but put in the work outside of class as well! Video can help! Using video at home is also a fun way to get the family involved. Work together to celebrate their progress and get excited for any upcoming performances.

Wondering how to get access to video of your child’s choreography?

  • Dancers may record choreography, with permission from their teacher and parents

  • Ask their instructor to record a video and share it via email or message

  • Be on the lookout for links in mid-February to the studio’s “Recital Media Library.”  Here, you can search for your child’s classes by name, day or teacher and prepare to be “performance ready!”

“ Spend 5 minutes each day on your dances.” - Miss Darlene.

The final step to using video in the dance studio? PRACTICE!  That could mean simply watching the video of your dance twice. Practicing difficult sections with the recorded video. Or watching the video to listen to tricky corrections. Consistency is key for improvement and video can be your in-home dance teacher.

We are so excited to see our dancers on stage this spring! We want to make sure they have all the resources they need to feel confident and dance their best. Video can be a wonderful resource to making sure we are putting our best LEAP forward on stage for our next performances. 

Questions about how to use video at home with your dancer? Contact the studio or chat with your child’s teacher, we are happy to help!