Dancing Through Motherhood: My Children’s Journey at Music in Motion

In the words of Ms. Lauren, Music in Motion's Owner and Director

As a dance studio owner, I witness the joy and growth that dance brings to countless children's lives. But experiencing the magic firsthand through my own children, Casey and Jesse, has been truly remarkable.

Casey, my energetic 4-year-old, beams every Friday when he sees Ms. Alyssa at his preschool's Creative Movement class. Ms. Alyssa, a familiar face from Music in Motion, brings her infectious enthusiasm to every session, and Casey can't wait to participate.

Jesse, my 14-month-old, recently took his first steps... and his first dance class! His natural affinity for music was evident and he was captivated by Ms. Skylar's engaging voice and movements. While expectations for young children in "Dance With Me" classes are simple, witnessing his initial curiosity and participation was heartwarming.

Beyond the technical aspects of dance, I cherish the uninterrupted time and connection I get with Jesse during these classes. In the everyday hustle, it's easy to get divided between tasks and other responsibilities. Dance With Me offers a dedicated space where my focus is solely on him, creating a special experience filled with joy and laughter (photos to prove it!).

For some parents, "drop-off" classes might seem ideal, and I completely respect that choice. However, Dance With Me offers a unique opportunity for parent-child bonding during their early years of development. It's about experiencing the joy of dance together, providing a safe and encouraging environment for exploration, and fostering socialization with other children and parents.

Whether your child actively participates or simply observes, remember that everything at this age is a learning experience. Seeing how other children interact, understanding the flow and rhythm of the class, and even processing new sensory experiences are all valuable aspects of their development.

I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the Music in Motion family, witnessing the positive impact of dance not only in my professional life but also in the lives of my own children. If you're looking for a fun and enriching activity for your little one, Dance With Me is definitely worth exploring!

P.S. Wear comfy clothes and bring water - you might find yourself crawling on the floor, throwing your little one in the air, and making silly faces too!

P.P.S. If your pre-school or daycare doesn't have an extracurricular dance class or dance program, connect us! We would love to provide the amazing benefits of our early childhood dance curriculum to as many kids in the VB area as possible!