Are you Ready to Join our Emerald Team?

Is your dancer looking for more performance opportunities? Do they want to dive deeper into their training while making new friends?! Then you should consider our Emerald Team, the first step to joining our Dance Company!

What is our Music in Motion Dance Company?

Our Music in Motion Dance Company is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing community engagement opportunities for our dancers through classes, workshops, and performances. The company strives to activate and energize audiences through the art of dance while also teaching our young students about the lasting impact of giving back.

What is the Emerald Team?

Before joining our company, we recommend interested dancers to check out our Emerald Team! This “mini-team” is for recreational dancers (ages 7 – 14) who are interested in additional performance opportunities outside of our end-of-the-year recital.

What is the time commitment?

The Emerald Team is a great low commitment entry point for our dance company! Students rehearse once a week in each style of dance they are cast in and are required to take only one additional technique class per week. That’s a minimum of 2 hours a week! For such a small commitment, you’ll be amazed by the growth and development of your dancer in just one season!

Where does the Emerald Team perform?

Our company participates in performances throughout the Hampton Roads region. With the Emerald Team, your dancer will perform at one charity event, one local event (such as a parade), one competition, and in our Company showcase and June show. With so many performance opportunities, your child will greatly improve their self-confidence and self-discipline!

What is it like being on the Emerald Team?

Our team is a very close-knit bunch of extremely driven students! Every dancer is fully committed to making a difference and being their best self in rehearsal, performance, and community activities. We often reach out to company members first for fun perks like photoshoots, volunteering, or assisting at the studio.

The dancers work hard but we have a lot of fun along the way! We never miss a chance to celebrate and have super fun holiday parties: Halloween, Christmas, and more! We’re a team but it feels much more like a family!

Why should you join the Emerald Team?

Joining the Emerald Team is a small commitment with endless returns in growth, development, and support for your dancer. The skills developed while working on a team will serve your dancer for the rest of their life. You’ll see a boost in confidence and your young dancer maturing into a strong leader. Best of all, the Emerald Team is a place for encouragement and friendship! We can’t wait to help your dancer shine this year!

If your dancer is ready to take the leap, we have a group of fun-loving dancers waiting to welcome you. When enrolling in the Emerald Team, we are super excited to offer new teammates a free t-shirt and dance bag. YAY, matching merch! Welcome to the team!

Emerald Team Performance