The Importance of Attendance

The keyword in attendance is DANCE! At Music in Motion, we believe that being present in the classroom is KEY for the development and growth of your dancer in and outside of the studio. Missing dance class is a lost opportunity for the student and has larger implications in delaying the progress of the entire class. Yikes!

To continue to provide our students with a top-notch education, dancers need to be in class and arrive on time. That’s why we’ve created a list focusing on the importance of attendance for our students.

  • Class is cumulative!

Our amazing MIM faculty spend an ample amount of time and energy prepping their dance classes. For your child to learn the basic foundations of dance technique and to keep them progressing with new skills, our teachers create a cumulative curriculum that builds each week. When your dancer is absent, they can fall behind on skills and performance choreography, which can ultimately delay the progress of the entire class when the teacher has to re-teach old steps. That’s no fun for anyone!

  • Consistency is a life skill!

By showing up for class every week and giving consistent effort, your dancer is paving the way for future success. You can be born with natural talent but a strong work ethic is a learned skill that can be carried into all aspects of life. Attendance in dance and school is preparation for work and deadlines. Help your child build consistency in their life by teaching them the importance of showing up for their commitments.

  • Being a member of our community!

The moment you walk through our studio doors, you become a member of our dance family! By showing up for class, your kiddo is actively participating in one of the many amazing benefits of dance – community! By being a member of our community, your child will learn the importance of being an active citizen while gaining valuable social skills. For your community to show up for you, you have to show up for your community!

  • You can make up missed classes!

Occasionally, someone gets sick or has an emergency conflict, but we have you covered with make-up classes! If someone is sick at home, you can log in WITH your class in the studio via zoom! Also, check out our library of classes via youtube HERE.

If you miss class, you can make up your class within one month in any class of the same age group. Please note: we don't allow class make-ups in April and May because of recital practice and choreography. If you know you'll be gone, try to schedule your make-up in advance, and please let your teacher know ahead of time. Knowing who will be in class helps our teachers to plan and prepare!

We ALWAYS want to see your kiddo’s smiling face in class, so we can continue to do what we do best, nurture and develop your child through dance. It’s been made very clear throughout 2020, that our time is precious. Let’s move our families forward and be intentional with our focus. Let’s celebrate life and keep our bodies healthy. LET’S DANCE!